Wedding Dress Protection – Preserve & Protect

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Saying “I do”?

Wedding Dress Protection should be checked on your list because you’ll definitely be getting down and dirty on your wedding day!  Think Grass, wet asphalt, dirt, snow, dirty shoes, the dance floor, wine, dinner, etc.

Theres many way’s to protect your dress, but all seem like a “pain in the arse” and not a true Stain & Dirt Repellent that will keep you Picture Purrfect… until now.

Stay Purrfect, an Innovative Stain Repellent Nano-Coating for Fine Fabrics & Fibers, Preserves & Protects against any Element.

  • Protects from Permanent Stains, Wear, Moth, Static, Moisture, Smoke & Sun Fade Damage.
  • Stay Purrfect is a Clear Spray that Penetrates the Fabric or Fiber to its Inner Cortex & Protects it from the Inside Out.
  • The diamond strength shield will not Wear Off,  Clean Off or Change the Feel of the Fibers.
  • Stay Purrfect Protects from any type of Liquid or Solid & allows the Material to Breathe Free & Be Protected for Years to Come.
  • Non Toxic, Non-Allergenic.
  • Not only will Stay Purrfect Protect you on your wedding day, but the Professional treatment lasts an Eternity by Preserving your dress for years to come from any yellowing or discolorations.
  • Keeps the Dress Free of any type of Box. Allowing you to enjoy, touch, prance and dance in your dress at anytime with out a worry.

wedding dress protection chicago, wedding dress, preserve, protect, white wedding,

Some other Dress Protection Options for your Big Day would be…

Bustle Up

Ideally, the bustle should lift your dress far enough off the ground that that soil isn’t an issue outside and while dancing. The bustle is know to create problems or break so its a good idea to have some safety nearby in case of an emergency. The bustle also does not help the rest of your dress if anything happens like spilled on, self tanner, and perspiration, like Stay Purrfect would repel.

Buy a Bridal Petticoat

A Petticoat is Worn under your wedding gown to gently lift the hem off the ground, a bridal petticoat is perfect for stationary photo shoots and moving to the site where the photos are to be taken. This way, your dress can at least remain somewhat pristine until the ceremony begins.

Use a Sheet

This is a good idea if you want some great but somewhat dangerous outdoor shots in the gown. The photographer would probably be able to photoshop the sheet out as well.

Put Your Bridesmaids to Work

Get by with a little help from your friends! They can help lift the dress or carry your train as needed.

Remove Your Shoes

Removing your shoes before putting the dress on or taking it off keeps all in tact and keeps the dirt off.

Be Careful

Trying to be Careful is the last think you want to worry about on Your Day. Having Stay Purrfect Protecting your Valuable and Preserving for an Eternity after is exactly the kind of confidence you need at your Special Event.

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