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Is Stay Purrfect Safe to Wear?

Yes, Stay Purrfect is a safe formula being Non-Toxic and Non-Allergenic. It is also biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Does it Resist Wear and Abrasion?

Treated fibers with Stay Purrfect are up to 60% more resistant with wear and abrasion. This “wear resistance” promotes longer fabric life and less frequent replacement.

Does it Resist Soiling and Staining?

When protected by Stay Purrfect, the soil remains on the fiber surface and does not affect the fiber itself. This allows for easier, faster and more efficient cleaning thus reducing labor and cleaning costs.

What other Benefits does Stay Purrfect have?

Besides Protecting against Stains and Soiling, Stay Purrfect also prevents…

  • Sun Fading
  • Mildew
  • Static Electricity
  • Smoke Density
  • Flame Spread
  • Moth Resistant

What materials can Stay Purrfect be used on?

Stay Purrfect Sealant Protection can be used on every type of fibrous material including…

  • Wool
  • Cotton
  • Nylon
  • Polyester Blends
  • Silk
  • Natural Suede
  • Synthetic Suede
  • Smooth Finished Leather

Where did the name Stay Purrfect come from?

Stay Purrfect received the name for a few reasons..

  1. It Keeps valuables Purrfect against any Wear, Sun Fade, Staining and Soiling for years to come.
  2. One of the worst type of Stains is Cat Pee. It is strong in scent and hard on all materials. Stay Purrfect fights the toughest stains from some of our favorite critters like cats. Spray with Stay Purrfect Today for the Very Best Protection;)